CS:GO Matchmaking Vertigo Rank Boost – Fast and secure

I do a fast and high quality Selfplay boost in Vertigo mode – when you need to stand afk and you get ranks at the highest possible speed. 100% Safe and secure

To play you will need to do the following

Go to CS and write the command mm_dedicated_search_maxping 350 to the console

Send me your friend code

Next, accept the invitation to the lobby and wait for the game

❗During the warm-up and throughout the game, you don’t have to kill and damage bots

In round 1, you need to plant a bomb on bombsite “B”, then just stay AFK until the end of the match (so that you don’t get kicked, write the command + left in the console)

Choose your current and wanted rank to buy Vertigo boosting


Vertigo Rank Boosting Pricing

9$ Supreme Master First Class to Global Elite

8$ Legendary Eagle Master to Supreme Master First Class

7$ Legendary Eagle to Legendary Eagle Master 

6$ Distinguished Master Guardian to Legendary Eagle

5$ From Master Guardian Elite to Distinguished Master Guardian 

4$ from Master Guardian 2 to Master Guardian Elite

4$ from Master Guardian to Master Guardian 2 

3$ from Gold Nova 4 to Master Guardian 

3$ from Gold Nova 3 to Gold Nova 4 

2$ from Gold Nova 2 to Gold Nova 3 

2$ from Gold Nova 1 to Gold Nova 2

2$ Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova 1

2$ Silvers ranks – price per 1 rank

Discord is Boostmyacc#6724

Feel free to contact us 24/7

Payment methods are Paypal, Skrill and Crypto

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